Discovering FatAttakk through a friend has been wonderful. You will always feel satisfied after meals with NO Cravings! After five weeks have lost 4 kg and I feel great and healthy. Deano is very Supportive and encouraging and is a big help in thinking up ingredients to hit your daily calorie target.
Remember – slow and steady wins the Race.


Aug 16, 2019

34 years old, pretty much gained a stone in weight year on year for the last four years and what do you know, I found myself four/five stone overweight, depressed, low energy and starting to have health issues. I have done every single diet imaginable over the years, none of which worked long term and I found myself at a complete loss struggling to see the solution.

Then I remembered the last time that I was successful in losing weight, and that was with Dean when I trained with him in 2014 I immediately called him and arranged a meet. My initial intention was to go for personal training sessions again but Dean was very excited to tell me about Fat Attack and how amazing it has been for his clients showing me photo’s and amazing results of his clients so far, he also explained that as I have a lot of fat to lose, diet is more key for me at this stage before I hit the training side more aggressively.

So Dean did a full physical assessment and then came back to me the very next day ,he really took the time to explain everything to me and it genuinely does not feel like being on a diet as you can cook and eat what you want within your allowance. My initial training program is light and easy to follow. The best thing about this whole process is that Dean has been so supportive, he’s always there for advice, he’s really positive and never condescending, I regularly what’s app him with questions, Dean is the other half of this journey with me, he believes in me and gives me the drive to push forward with the plan and make sure it’s a success. I have lost a steady and decent amount of weight since I started and I am really excited for the final results in 9 weeks time. My jeans already feel looser and my skin looks better already.

I cannot recommend Dean enough in any capacity whether it be personal training for individual results or the Fat Attack, he’s old school which means that he keeps it simple for you to understand, makes it easy to follow and most of all, produces results.


Aug 02, 2019

I have been on the FatAttakk programme for 6 weeks and have lost over 5kgs. Dean at FatAttakk makes the difference. Having been overweight for most of my life, I feel like I have been on a diet – or should have been – for a lot of that time. Having someone who has tested what he recommends and then guides you through the process gives me confidence that I can finally do this.


Jul 08, 2019