Fat Attakk — Frequently asked questions

What happens after the three-month period?

Good things! You’ve changed your life and we hope it opens up plenty of exciting opportunities for you.

If you haven’t reached the weight you want then you can sign up for another three months. We’ll adjust the programme for you and give you another three months’ support to help you reach your goal.

If you have reached your goal weight and you’re happy with it, you can pay for another month. We’ll send you everything you need to stay at your ‘happy weight’—the advice about nutrition, exercise, and stress which will keep you at your goal.

How many times can I ask for help if I get stuck?

We’re here to help. FatAttakk is a customised programme that is adapted for each person. As a member of the FatAttakk three-month programme, you can email us for help or motivation when you get stuck anytime within the three-month period, or that cheesecake starts calling your name…

Can I drink alcohol when I’m on this lifestyle programme?

Yes, but only a little bit! If you’re serious about weight loss and changing your shape, drinking alcohol doesn’t help. Alcohol is processed first by the body, which means your body can’t burn fat while it gets rid of it. We’re all familiar with the munchies that accompany drinking too. You lose your inhibitions and willpower, and it’s too easy to overeat junk food.
And unlike food, alcohol offers no nutritional benefits, which is why it is often referred to as “empty calories”.
Lovely as it is, alcohol’s a toxic substance. If you can give it up or limit drinking during your three-month period, you’ll sleep better, see improvements in your energy levels, mood and skin.
We recommend no more than one to two units a week if needed, and at least five alcohol-free days a week.

What happens when I reach the weight I’m happy with?

We celebrate! Hooray! Seriously, though, we’ll love it if you write us a glowing testimonial, telling us how you found the programme and what you liked. FatAttakk is about permanent weight loss, not crash dieting, so we’ll also talk to you about what you need to do to maintain your weight loss.

Can my friend do it with me?

Yes—but only if they sign up for the programme too. FatAttakk is a personalised programme tailored to individuals. That’s the secret of its success. Your friend will have a different weight, body shape, metabolism and dieting history, which is why we need to work with people individually.

I hate the gym. Can I still do the programme?

You’re not alone! Plenty of people find gyms intimidating. Luckily, this programme doesn’t need a gym membership. You can perform the exercises at home with minimal equipment.

Is there anything I can’t eat?

No. We’re all about real results in a real world. There is nothing you can’t eat provided you stick to the calories I set you. Remember, this is an individualized programme your calories will be tailored to you,.

Can I eat late at night?

Yes, if you want to. Again, real life fat loss programmes should work in the real world and fit with your lifestyle, which might mean late dinners. As long as you eat within your eating times I set you, that’s okay. This flexibility is what makes FatAttakk so unique and easy to follow. That’s why people love it.

What happens if I go off track for a few days and put some weight back on?

S**t happens! What we want you to do is not throw in the towel altogether. Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again. Our weight fluctuates too. It doesn’t stay the same, and it goes up and down, so plateaus or odd few pounds here or there can be related to water retention.

Do I have to go on the Wall of Fame?

Please do! It helps us spread the word about FatAttakk and brings us to the attention of other people who’d like to find a fool-proof way of losing fat and keeping it off. We can anonymise your pictures and testimonials, so no-one knows it’s you. On the other hand, you might be so delighted with your results you can’t wait to show them off…

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